Tuesday, June 23, 2009

my boys

I am now a mother of two wonderful boys and loving life more and more each days, I couldn’t ask for better boys. Wesley was born June 1st 2008 Wesley is my curious baby he is always trying to figure out how things work . Wesley's smile can light up a room, it sure brightens up my day. He loves working on cars with dad and taking baths and gardening with mom and anything that has to do with music he is working on his potty training he is doing amazing

Preston was born June 10 2009 he is such a good baby a sweet spirit he smiled at me when he heard my voice for the first time. he sleeps trough the screech of the Wesley that’s big. He loves baby Mozart foot massage and going on walks with his big brother I can already tell how close they are going to be. This month has been like a dream I love my life with two baby boys


Brandon and Ash said...

YAY!!! You updated your blog. I love it. Miss you. Can't wait to see you guys soon.

Love ya!

Kincaid Family said...

That's such a sweet picture of Preston!